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The following is a listing of resources that have helped me to meet some of my goals.

Personal Finance/Investing

Jim Collins

Jim Collins writes about money and travel. His Stock Series and the subsequent book, The Simple Path to Wealth, based on the Stock Series should be required reading for anyone reaching high school. He has a straightforward approach to talking about investing that is entertaining as well as educational.

Mike and Lauren

I found Mike and Lauren from their Youtube channel. They are also squared away when it comes to finances. I credit them for “spoon feeding” the information about financial independence to me. They also partner with Jim Collins on several videos.

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache retired at the age of 30. His blog is about “living the good life on the cheap.” I am still amazed at how little he spends on food every month (averaging less than $300 for a family of three). The biggest benefit I found from reading his blog is how he considers the “10 year cost” for things when I previously only considered things based on their monthly cost. Check it out here.


Runners World

I used to be a much heavier person. Reading the forums and articles on Runners World helped me to make contact with other people trying to improve their health. Running has been a large part of my life since 2011. I don’t visit this site nearly as much as I used to, but I am thankful for the role they played when I needed information about how to lose weight, keep it off, and enjoy running.

More to come…