Betting on America

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Piggy bank - minimal expense ratio

Piggy bank – minimal expense ratio

A friend of mine approached me and asked me an investing question he had about his 401k/457 arrangement. I explained mine and then learned he read my post about our investment priorities, but still wanted to know why putting so much of his money into the VINIX fund did not amount to “putting all of his eggs into one basket.”

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Ammo Dump: I’m a Musician!

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Blurred Album Cover

Blurred Album Cover

A prior comment on the blog told me that I was giving up too much ammo for people to make fun of me. I’ve decided to embrace this and start a series called Ammo Dump. In this series, I will share information about me that could cause others to laugh at me. Somewhere along the way, I’ll get to talk about some valuable experiences. Continue reading

Maxing out 457 and 401(k) Contributions for 2016

Good, dog.

See Spot save. Good, Spot.

Right now we are taking an odd approach to savings. Odd to me at least. Ever since I sort of “woke up” to how important it is to save and invest now because time is one of the bigger factors into your total returns. So when I give you the numbers in a bit about exactly what we are saving, you will think we are living only on beans, rice, and the essence of calories by looking at sugary treats at the grocery store. This is not the case. Continue reading

The 5 Worst Things I Ever Bought

Not recommended.

Not recommended.

I’d like to think that I take a lot of time to research significant purchases I make and consider the pros and cons of each purchase. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. In the past I sometimes bought things because of brand loyalty or simply because “it was time to do so.” In some circumstances, I really enjoyed the item purchased, but it was still a significantly less than optimal (i.e. dumb) decision to buy the item. Here is a recap of some of the worst purchases I have made.

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In That Book Which is My Memory

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English Grammar My WayWelcome to I have known for some time I wanted to make a blog, but the topic of the blog has been elusive. Many of the blogs I enjoy reading are targeted to niche markets. This makes a lot of sense because it allows their audience to continue to return to the same location for similar posts that build on other posts.

I’ve chosen to take the other approach. Continue reading