Law Enforcement and the Dangers of Confirmation Bias in Social Media

Fortune cookie wisdom


There is an issue that lurks its head around every corner as we log into our social media of choice each day. Confirmation Bias. We get to choose who we follow or friend on social media. As a result, we often follow people we like and we like people who think like us.

This represents a problem. By only opening the door for the views of people who already think like us, we are simply permitting funny witticisms and memes that evoke the same emotions we already have towards a subject. It’s like an amplified echo chamber. Continue reading

Marathon Training

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To Race or Not to Race?

Prefontaine Fatigue

The extremely quotable Steve Prefontaine

It has been about five years since I started running. During that time, I have been able to run in a few races. I have run two 5Ks (3.1 miles), a few 10Ks (6.2 miles), and one Half-Marathon (13.1 miles). This is a pretty paltry number of races for how many miles I have run in the past five years. I have never run a marathon. That’s ok though, since the focus of my running has never been to win races. Time for that to change. Continue reading

How We Saved Money on Our Trip To Maui

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kaanapali beach photo

The beach in front of our hotel

At the end of July my beautiful wife and I went to Maui and stayed at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa. It was a fantastic trip, but looking back on it I think we missed many opportunities to save money along the way. It was our first trip since we had kids. This probably caused me to throw caution into the wind a bit when it came to costs, but here are a few things we did to avoid exorbitant costs while on the island. Continue reading

Ammo Dump: Professional Mascot and Cheerleader

How I Became a Professional Mascot and Cheerleader

Neal Landfield Buster CHHS

Me in the Buster costume

It’s true. But I started out as an amateur. Back in high school I was a mascot for three years. Our mascot was the black panther, so we had a male and a female panther mascot. Buster and Babs, respectively. After two years, I was approached by the American Cheerleading Association in order to teach other high school and middle school age kids how to be a mascot. I don’t remember what they were, but I had won a few awards from being a mascot and performing mascot skits. My mascot coach was awesome and she directed my name towards this company who ended up hiring me after a short interview. Continue reading

Five Rules to Help Save You Money

Save Money with these Five Simple Rules

Save money dog rule

This dog has some sage advice.

This could also be titled, save money through smart decision making. I recently started to consider how much everything costs on a monthly basis. As I review each monthly cost, I consider them using the equation that Mr. Money Mustache uses when he discusses the opportunity cost of a monthly expense/bill. He compares any monthly expense to what the same amount invested over 10 years could yield given a 7% expected return by multiplying the monthly cost by 173. Simple and quick.

So let’s assume that a $50 monthly premium channel bill could yield $8,650 over 10 years ($50 multiplied by 173) if invested in low cost index funds such as VINIX or VTSAX. That’s a lot for HBO. Continue reading

Ammo Dump: I Used to Be Overweight

How I Lost the Weight: Eating Less and Moving Around More

Overweight Neal Landfield

This was me in February 2011. Full size here.

In March of 2011, a friend of mine gave me a Reeses Egg weighing one pound in two pieces. It was a large amount of chocolate. He bought it for me as a joke, because of how much I loved confections and specifically Reeses. I was 245 pounds and 6’1”. I was overweight, but I loved sweets. Continue reading

Part-Time Poker Player

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How I Went from Losing $5 Home Games to Winning Online

poker tableDuring my junior year of college I started playing poker. This was during the peak of the popularity for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and Texas Hold ‘Em. I had several friends who considered themselves to be poker aficionados. They invited me to their semi-weekly home game.

They all knew how to play and what they were doing to some degree. I did not. Maybe that is why I got the invite. There is a poker truism that if you do not know who The Mark is at the table, then you are The Mark. That was me. Continue reading

The 5 Best Things I Ever Bought

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Neal Landfield bandana joke

This bandana was not one of them.

There will be no overlap here. For the sake of juxtaposition, here is a post explaining the five best things I ever bought. Often times, I reached these conclusions after a significant amount of trial and error. Purchasing five items that don’t do the job and finally discovering one that works perfectly can be akin to locating the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. So, this post has the potential to be the most beneficial yet. If you are in the market for any of these items, I highly recommend them (except item number one is not for sale). Continue reading