In That Book Which is My Memory

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English Grammar My WayWelcome to I have known for some time I wanted to make a blog, but the topic of the blog has been elusive. Many of the blogs I enjoy reading are targeted to niche markets. This makes a lot of sense because it allows their audience to continue to return to the same location for similar posts that build on other posts.

I’ve chosen to take the other approach. This blog will range in topics from saving money and investing, to the misconceptions of the role of police and use of force, and it will talk sometimes about WordPress and my learning curve when building the website. The blog will go through many changes in the coming months, but as of right now I am going to start it full steam ahead.

A little about me… I am a Christian. I am a father of three beautiful daughters and a husband to my beautiful wife. I have experience in law enforcement, information security, crash reconstruction, and public speaking. I’m an optimist and a researcher. I enjoy the thrill of consuming information about a topic. I’m currently researching personal finance like it is running out of style.

I love the featured picture for this post. No one has presented a compelling reason to me to stopĀ using the oxford comma. If someone ever does, I will consider it, examine it, and then dismiss it outright.

I was planning on getting a more robust first page set up before I published this blog, but as it has sat for nearly a week without any action, I think sending it forward in its current form will encourage me to write more. I plan to talk about significant events in my life and the things I have learned about them.

So here it is. My first foray into the blogging world. More to come…

3 thoughts on “In That Book Which is My Memory

    1. Neal Landfield Post author

      Thanks, Mr. Biggins…err. Bishop. I’ll take that under advisement. In fact, the next blog post will touch on a few of those topics. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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