Ammo Dump: I’m a Musician!

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Blurred Album Cover

Blurred Album Cover

A prior comment on the blog told me that I was giving up too much ammo for people to make fun of me. I’ve decided to embrace this and start a series called Ammo Dump. In this series, I will share information about me that could cause others to laugh at me. Somewhere along the way, I’ll get to talk about some valuable experiences. In the case of today’s entry, I will be sharing some of my recorded music! Here is the first track from my album “Blurred” which I released  in 2005.

Perception – Neal Landfield on Vocals, Clayton Wakefield on Guitar

Learning to Rock It!

About half way through high school I started learning how to play the guitar. I learned the bass riff for Nirvana’s Come As You Are and Fur Elise. I then used my Dad’s old Conn brand guitar and played those two songs basically without stopping. I found some online resources like and started to learn other songs. I played some worship music for a few Bible studies in high school. I basically learned enough so I could be the college kid sitting around and playing the top-40s songs on my guitar.

College Kid with a Guitar

EMS in concert. Notice my hair.

EMS in concert. Notice my hair.

In college I met some like minded friends and we formed a band. We called ourselves Ever More Sufficient (EMS). Our icon had an emergency medical like cross in it and that was the gimmick we came up with for the music. We played a few dozen shows around the greater College Station/Bryan area. It began to be a LOT of work. I wrote the songs and the rhythm guitar parts, while a friend wrote the bass and lead guitar parts. I set up a pure volume site that streamed some of our music. I then ran around making phone calls so we could get more shows.

The Band is Breaking Up

Eventually, we started getting paid a minor amount to play some shows and that was a neat experience. However, I was dating my beautiful wife at the time. I didn’t have time to study for school, date my wife, and do all I was doing with EMS. I didn’t want to give up music, but I didn’t want to deal with the logistics that come with having a four person band. I met the band for dinner one night and told them my decision. Most of them took it well, but one was quite upset. Our relationship was never the same after that. They played a few more times under a different name, but the group did not last much longer.

Blurred/Solo Music Career

I contacted Ross King who is one of my favorite Christian musicians. At the time, he was working on a home recording studio called The Mix Lab. I paid to record three songs at The Mix Lab (Perception, Around Bittersweet, and Sticky Notes). Then, a friend of mine lent me his microphone and I recorded Holding On at my rental house. I then released the CD “Blurred.”

I peddled my CD for the duration of college and into 2007. I don’t know how many shows I played during that time, but it felt like I had something every weekend. At one point, I drove every night of the week to a Christian camp in San Antonio, playing worship music every night and then returning to take community college spanish classes early the next morning. It was a lot to do, and my grades suffered for it that summer.

Once I finished through my first run of the CDs, I was happy to be done with it all. I made under $50 from selling the CDs because it was so expensive to print the CD inserts on such a low run of CDs. I think I only made 200 total on the first/only run of them. I have one left.

Present Day

Playing the guitar for my girls

Playing the guitar for my girls

These days I don’t have a lot of time to play music. Sometimes I will play music for our Bible study on Thursday nights, but I am unpracticed and generally not as good as I once was with the guitar. Last night, I was playing Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So on the guitar and laughing at how silly such a song sounds on the acoustic guitar. My wife told me “you really need to find some new songs.” It was a reminder that music simply isn’t as important in my life as it once was.




Please enjoy the rest of the “Blurred” tracks below. I have many more that have been recorded, but these were the ones I was proud enough to put on a CD and pay to have it printed.

Around Bittersweet – Neal Landfield on Guitar and Vocals, Clayton Wakefield on Harmonica


Sticky Notes – Neal Landfield on Guitar and Vocals, Clayton Wakefield on Lead Guitar


Holding On – Neal Landfield on Guitar and Vocals


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think below.

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    Does your daughter cry every time you play music? She is certainly not happy about you playing your “music.”


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