About Me

Me with my beautiful first born

Me with my beautiful first born

That’s me. I am a fun loving father of three. I have three daughters and a beautiful wife. I am a police officer who enjoys learning, writing, and writing about what I learn. I have played the guitar since the year 2000, but I’m nowhere near the skill level I had around 2008. I recorded a CD at a real music recording studio in 2005. Feel free to listen.

Why Blog?

The goal of writing this blog is to find an outlet for sharing things that are important to me, including information I think can benefit others. The blog has been running since spring of 2016, and my posting has been of the “on-again, off-again” sort. Although I have made a few other websites, this will be the first one I have made from scratch (if a WordPress based blog could ever truly be considered from scratch.) In the coming months, I will try┬áto set up a static page that will direct visitors to parts of the site that are interesting to them.

For example, I have several posts that talk about finances, investing, and reducing expenses. Despite this, there is no location on the blog where the pages are aggregated. Additionally, I have a few pages that share silly anecdotes or stories from my life, but someone would have to read through all of the blog entries to find them. When I do put together a post that deals with a serious subject, I want those also to be easily located by those seeking a post with a bit more substance.

Stay tuned!